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Frank Gehry: biomuseum in Panama

Funded by the Amador foundation, backed by the government, with scientific support by the Smithsonian institute and the University of Panama, the project carries a great social importance for the country and region. The 4000 m2 footprint will contain eight permanent galleries designed by Bruce Mau, a public atrium, temporary exhibition spaces, a store, cafeteria, exterior exhibits and a botanical garden designed by Edwina Von Gal. Many of the structural elements will also become educational points, with a semi-interior colonnade of 16 pilars that will describe mankind's effect on the panamanian ecosystem, two large aquariums that host the different aquatic species in the caribbean and pacific oceans. The panamarama, a three-storey space covered in 14 screens will create an audiovisual experience for the visitor, placing them directly into a digital history environment. The structure is based around thick concrete column trees with angular metal branches that hold up various metal-plated canopies resembling an array of colored curved and folded geometries, enveloped in large curtain walls.

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