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Budapesti Muhely: rácz thermal bath, Budapest

Positioned at the base of gellert hill, the facility was most likely founded in 1560, surviving the turkish seige of 1686. The overlapped updates and extensions made during the 1860s with romantic stylings were resolved, unifying old and new building parts while revealing the technical inventions of the original bath. Additional damage from bombings during world war II and demolition during the 1960s were collectively addressed in 2006. Special attention was paid to the materials and ornament as well as shower, lighting and heating techniques, returning to customs of water pressures in the various bathing halls. The once destroyed moresque shower hall was reconstructed to the original plans at a 1:1 scale with thin shell concrete walls measuring 15 centimeters thick instead of the typically used brick masonry, creating a regularity in the vaulting that could not exist with hand-made processes.

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