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Antonio Citterio, Patricia Viel and partners: Technogym Village

The massive 60,000 square-meter complex contains a state-of-the-art research and innovation laboratory, production facilities and a large wellness center dedicated to physical exercise and education. The substantial scope of the project posed a challenge on the expansive green site composed of soft rolling hills. The form, therefore, consists of long narrow and offset rectangular volumes with inclined undulating metal roofs that respond directly to its context. The waving form creates a clerestory that brings natural light into the spacious fabrication areas. made of prefabricated reinforced concrete panels and steel, the industrial program cuts down on material and construction cost while maintaining a high level of thermal insulation. Natural ventilation is a key component to the glass-intensive project, helping to passively cool exercise and manufacturing spaces. A composite steel structure with curved wooden glulam beams supporting a bowed steel canopy houses the 200 meter-long four-storey office building wrapped with a curtain wall oriented to the south to benefit from plenty of sunlight. The deep overhang of the arching roof decreases heat gain from direct sunlight. Greeting visitors near the entrance to the campus, the elliptical wellness center sits perpendicularly from the parallel orientation of the primary complex, containing a spa, auditorium and gym over two floors surrounded by ample green space, running tracks, basketball court and pond.

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