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GMP Architekten: Baoan stadium

Bordered by a series of inclined columns intended to resemble a forest of bamboo, the striated boundary reflects the landscape of the immediate surroundings. The slender load bearing frame becomes the structure for the undulating roof element while changing light and shadow effects upon the perimeter spaces. Visitors meander through the permeable facade and enter the interior through the grand stairs placed around the form. The circular volume is bisected by an oval shaped upper tier producing a varied seating arrangement with more seats along the oval's elongated sides and fewer along the short sides. Capable of accommodating 40,000 spectators, the athletic facility will be used for soccer matches during international sporting events.
A double row of steel tubes support the membrane roof's deep eave which creates the sheltered promenade that encircles the facility. Each standing at 32 meters tall and ranging from 550 mm to 800 mm in diameter, loads from the roof membrane are transferred directly to the foundations while the building's lateral stability is provided with 36 additional cables. Tension rings positioned at varied heights are linked together with 18 meter high connections. Used in conjunction with a compression ring, the building balances forces similar to the spokes on the wheel of a bicycle.

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