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Interstuhl Orgatec 2012

Depending on the type and form of our work and its aims and objectives, the modern workplace evolves as we move around the office environment: the Office is where you are. There is an ever-growing awareness of the need to create work spaces which are innovative but also aesthetically appealing. Our work environment should encourage flexibility, spontaneity, creativity and communication. We achieve this by creating open structures and meeting zones such as bistro or lounge areas. Work stations are growing more mobile, more adaptable, modular. Flexible teams, group work, greater focus on achievement and self-responsibility are the buzz words of the future. Action spaces and workspaces exist side by side in the modern multispace office. Direct communication is encouraged. Creativity and communication evolve at meeting points designed to be informal, to encourage coincidental interaction. And there is an increasing tendency to transpose the workplace to within our own four walls. Either in a dedicated home office or as a work zone integrated in a room. A home workspace does not need to replicate the dreary look of most company offices. Design and creativity are limited by just one factor: functionality.
The role of office fittings and the function of seating in the future are set to shift away from the concept of the traditional office. There will be different forms of sitting for different forms of work.
interstuhl has always been a force for change in the development of office furnishing, playing an instrumental role in shaping the office of the future. Already today, interstuhl offers seating and communication solutions designed to address new forms of working and the needs of tomorrow’s office environment. Above and beyond the product itself, interstuhl offers services which will allow every individual to find the seating and communication concept which best suits their specific needs. After all, at interstuhl, we understand more about sitting – and that goes for new concepts of sitting too. Against this backdrop, interstuhl’s trade fair presentation will revolve around the many faces of sitting and the right sitting solutions to meet the needs of different spaces and fields of application.

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