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Working Out in the Waiting Room

Stretching - There are a number of stretches that you can do while you are waiting for an appointment at the doctor, the dentist, with a counselor or with your boss for example. Stretch each of your shoulders by bringing an arm across your chest, then stretch your triceps by pulling your elbow up behind your head, and then stretch your chest by locking your fingers together behind you and then extending your arms both up and out. Straighten your legs completely, reaching for your toes while sitting in order to loosen up your back and your hamstrings. You can also sit back in your chair and pull each one of your knees to your chest or twist back and forth, side to side. You can also relax your neck, relieving tension by dropping down your chin toward your chest, then looking up a the ceiling, and then lowering your ears down in the direction of your shoulders.
Get Moving - If you space that will allow for it, take advantage. Pace around back and forth within the waiting room, or simply let the receptionist know that you are going to be on the sidewalk outside whenever your appointment is ready. If you have an opportunity to spend a few minutes keeping moving while waiting for an appointment to begin, then this will definitely be better than simply sitting around while you are waiting.
Isometric Strengthening - You can work your isometric muscles without anyone actually noticing. Flex and hold each of the muscle groups for a period of 10 seconds to 30 seconds and then relax. Repeat this at least 1-2 times. You can do this for your quads, your biceps, your calves, your chest and your abs. You can work these muscles out anytime, and nobody will be the wiser to the fact that you are exercising.
Deep Breathing - Another thing that you can do pretty much anytime is deep breathing exercises. You can practice deep breathing exercises anytime you want, anywhere you want, and you will be able to benefit significantly from the practice. Try to take a few deep and relaxing breaths before your appointment begins and you will notice a major relief of your normal feelings of stress.
Time Involved? Only 5 to 10 minutes.
Benefit to the Body? You will experience less boredom in the waiting room and a much healthier body and all it takes is a few minutes to get started.