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Rain Room by rAndom International

The project consists of a 100-sq-m field of falling water, though upon closer inspection visitors are in for a surprise. As they step under the rain, cameras track their movement and redirect the rain from hitting people below. ‘Rain Room is the latest in a series of projects that specifically explore the behaviour of the viewer and viewers: pushing people outside their comfort zones, extracting their base auto-responses and playing with intuition,’ say designers at rAndom International. While the environment replicates how rain looks and sounds, it allows visitors the chance to control an environment that’s not typically controllable. ‘The installation encourages people to become performers on an unexpected stage,’ says Kate Bush, Head of Art Galleries at the Barbican Centre. ‘Rain Room surpasses all our expectations. The project can be visited until 3 March, 2013, at The Curve, Barbican Centre, London. Admission is free.

Photos courtesy Felix Clay.

Barbican Centre
Silk Street 
London, EC2Y 8DS